Beef jerky is bovine meat that has been sliced into thin, lean strips, then marinated and dried with preservatives for both a long shelf life and a uniquely crispy taste. Designed to be easily snackable on the go, beef jerky has become the preferred snack food choice in many cultures, making it a global sensation!

The word jerky, derived from the Quechua work ch’arki, literally means ‘dry, salted meat’. It is available in a number of varieties, including buffalo, elk, and even kangaroo. The most popular option by far, however, is beef. Beef jerky is typically created by cutting lean beef into strips, before marinating it in a pre-prepared seasoning rub or liquid, and slowly cooking it on a rack over a low temperature, rather than using the air-drying method (common in biltong production). The cooking and drying process traditionally includes the addition of salt, which helps prevent the growth of bacteria before the process has finished.