There are several varieties of beef jerky that differ in flavouring, texture and curing solution used. Most beef jerky manufacturers use fillet cuts, but ground beef and flossed beef are also common. 

Various additional flavourings can be used as toppings to the marinated beef strips. Due to the different curing methods used which can include the use of other chemical preservatives, some jerkies contain higher sugar content and therefore have a sweeter taste than the saltier variants. 

Of course, beef is not the only meat that can be used for jerky, either. Pork, chicken, mutton, venison and even kangaroo meat has been dried and salted for preservation purposes throughout history by many different cultures around the world.

At Tuddys, we offer three different flavours of cured beef jerky, each in its own distinctively coloured packaging: Hoisin in blue, Sriracha in red, Honey BBQ in yellow. 

  • The Hoisin pack glazes the jerky in dark soybean sauce for a sweeter, saltier flavour to remind you of the sea.
  • For a spicier kick, the Sriracha bag brings the garlic and chilli sauce to the table. 
  • Lastly, Honey BBQ is perfect for anyone who wants a smokey yet sugary tang to their jerky strips.