Thanks to the thorough curing and drying process, beef jerky is designed to be stored in cool, dry places over long periods of time, with minimal risk of attracting microbial build-up before its use-by-date. Bacteria and fungal mould are the biggest and most visible causes of food spoilage, but they are effectively repelled by food with high salt content. A properly stored and sealed beef jerky pack can last for up to three months without spoiling at all.

Tuddys jerky should be eaten within 3 days of opening – though our team often can’t resist finishing a pack in one go. This time limit isn’t for food safety reasons, but to help ensure your jerky tastes as brilliant as possible – after all, fresh is best. Beyond 3 days, our jerky will not spoil (thanks to the curing/cooking process), but will start to dry out. If kept in a dry, cool place and sealed correctly (our 250g bags have a handy resealable section) then this 3-day limit could be extended.